Du'kiel, city in The Outlands!

Definately Outlandish!


The staff at Khaeldron.webs.com would like to thank you for choosing this site. We would greatly accept your application, should you be so kind as to send one. We would also like you to check out our forums and see what's happening around here. Thank you for reading!

All Good Things Must One Day End

If Anyone still visits the site, please read the latest blog post. It was fun working with you all.

  The Last Update


UPDATE - Custom Coding!

Uh oh, Ryanoff has gotten his hands upon the Sacred Scroll of Coding! Will he obtain the scrolls powers and use them for evil? Or will he be overwhelmed by the scrolls ancient language and feel like a moron? Keep track of his ever so slow progress in the Games section!

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UPDATE - I'm not dead!    Date - January 21, 2012

Ok so maybe I was gone for a few years, but you know what, education gets to ya. I've really been busy with other stuff. I can still operate with the site, but Masaru will have to occupy you guys more so.


Wyrm contests 1.0

Not done yet. We are still trying to make it better. Click here for the wyrm contests

Classes are here!

Finally character classes have arrived! Masaru has made a few classes to give extra skills and stat points to a starting player! Enjoy the ability to wield that huge sword you wanted, use the powerful spell you needed, be EPIC!

Minecraft Server Info

Eventually there will be an official Du'kiel server for all our building needs! But anyone joining will have to apply for the whitelist. Masaru will be working to pay for a good host computer and when he has it the server will be created. The initial idea is to have the server modded, for more variety. (3/14/2015, a few months and this may become true)

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