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Masaru Valyre
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  Having just woken up, Masaru Valyre was confused. Where the heck was he? Who had brought him here? Why couldn't he feel his right arm? He looked over and saw a disturbing sight; his entire right arm was gone and in its place was a shiny silver metal arm! He lifted it up and tested it, working it perfectly.

  He looked around him and saw his armor, cloak and his weapons. He got up out of the expensive looking bed he was in and walked to his gear to check on its condition. He found it all in top-shape with repairs to the damage done over the years. He slowly put on his padding that ironically protected him from his armor, and then he put his jet-black armor on, plate by plate. He attached the scarlet cloth sash to his right shoulder pauldron and wrapped it around his waist. This particular sash was once a pristine white, it also had a unique feature, it had a crest with two dragons fighting over a flaming sword with a skull above them. Masaru then tied his cloak around the neck guard and fastened it on with a blood red skull brooch, this cloak had a dark gray, almost black outer side and a crimson silk inliner, this cloak had the same crest as the sash on it's back.

  Masaru looked around for his Shadowreaper, a double-bladed axe with bony hands reaching out almost to the edge of each blade. The axe also had a ruby-red jewel in the center. It was mounted with a gray skull carved from a silvery wood, the handle looked to be made of a femur that was attached to the blade by a metal rod that ran through it's center.

  He picked up the Shadowreaper and hooked it onto a chain underneath his cloak on his back. He then picked up his sword, Bloodgroove, a Shiny gray sword that had a leather-bound hilt and spikes on the end of the quillons of the cross guard, it also had three spikes in a triangle on it's pommel. The sword had a groove on either side of the blade that was stained blood red for it had a spell cast on it to drain the blood of it's victims. The sword also had a red jewel at the cross section of the cross guard.

  Masaru finally picked up his crested ring with a ruby that shared the crest on the sash, carved into it carefully, with high detail. The ring had a strong, dark aura emanating from it.

  Finally equipped, Masaru headed for the door that he had seen earlier and opened it slowly, quietly, then stepped into the hall outside. He looked around and saw an ornate door to his right that was glowing with a golden light. He cautiously crept closer with his sword raised high, and was knocked off his feet as the door blew open soundlessly at his approach.

  A golden, blinding light shone down on him as he got up and held aloft his sword, but before him was no creature of dangerous intent, but a woman with an angelic figure and bright blue eyes. Her robes were a white so brilliant, that they seemed to glow in the light that emanated from her skin, which was the color of peaches just barely ripened, with a slight flush to her cheeks. Her hair was the color of a mixture of silver and gold, with the metallic quality, too.

  Masaru was awestruck at her beauty and immediately kneeled before her on one knee and put his sword in front of him, point first to the ground. She spoke, Her words shimmering in the air with the feeling of untapped power, "It is you, the one who is to come from the darkness to battle the evil that has swept across the outlands, to protect us, and come over to the light!”

  Masaru pondered her words for a minute then said, "But how could that be me?” At this she laughed, a delightful sparkling sound, "In time, you'll see " she said lightly. Then she withdrew and the light dimmed as the doors closed in front of Masaru. He grabbed Bloodgroove and got up, then turned and walked down the hall and tried to find his way out to the entrance.

  As he wandered the halls, Masaru thought of the encounter with the shining woman and tried to get it out of his head, but to no avail.



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