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20 years old
About Me

I am a Ghost Master who has a team of over 45 ghosts at my hands. I can drive you insane, or make you scream in terror; but if you mess with me, you shall get more then a mere scare.

Kai Taelvaa
About Me

Kai Taelvaa: Race: High Elf, Class; Eve of Pandora, Allignment; Good-lawful, Level;1, HP; 172, MP; 168

Stats: (STR);40/1700 (AGL);40/1500 (INT);44/1600 (END);46/1600 (LCK);40/900 (PER);48/1300 (DEX);44/1440 (CHR);60/2000




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About Me

Hello there :)

I am Mackenzie, a pokemon tamer from pallet town. You guys should ALL know where that is! I am shy at times, but can be very confident at the same time. People said all the time that I should become one of the pokemon tamers, because I am good with pokemon.:tongue:

21 years old
About Me

My AQW username is Pyroskope. i'm joining this site because my good friend Maria Nichen told me about this site and he(ik user suggests he's a girl, long story) sed that him and his friends set up role playing things here so i hope im in the right place. XD


21 years old
About Me

Ryan A. Off

Race: Human

Class: Bounty Hunter

Allignment:  Somewhere between chaotic-good and chaotic-neutral

Level: Unknown




Handgun; A basic gun. Dmg; 25 - 85 (Depending on area hit) 

Hunting Knife;  A black knife with few decorative grooves. Dmg; 35 -55 (Depending on area hit)


Black Specialized Coat; A black leather coat with a steel plated inside +14 DEF -4 AGL


Pockets; $4,754.39 (3 gold)

Hidden Safe; House only $2,609,287.38 (16 Platinum, 44 Gold,  2 Silver and 2.83 Copper)

Enchanted Pouch; 15 Pounds of dried meat, 5 packs of ramen noodles, 6 per pack

Burnt Note; Personal Item An old piece of paper with burn marks and a knife hole in the center , that only reads "We propose a better way."


Experimental Eye; Able to see hidden targets, 50% higher critical and hit chance

Demonic Rage; Attacks will be randomized, more accurate and critical. +12 to all stats and positive/negative effects for 4 turns. After the 4 turns the negative effect "Strain" is added giving -8 AGL, DEX, PER and END for 4 turns

Tyler the invincible
About Me


Masaru Valyre
31 years old
About Me

Masaru Valyre : Race; Vampire, Class; Doomlord, Morality; Chaotic-Evil, Level;1, HP;284, MP;380

Stats: (STR);46 (AGL);60 (INT);54 (END);76 

               (LCK);30 (PER);68 (DEX);76 (CHR);38



Cursed Bloodspiller; A single edged blade resembling the elven broad sabre, 26 DMG/LV, causes it's victims to bleed out at twice the regular rate and for twice as long, Indestructable.


Dragonhide under armor; allows for comfort in heavy plate armor, provides protection from heat, if worn alone it protects you from 16 DMG/LV.

Ancient Valdarien plate armor; Masaru's famed ornate deltasteel armor, being made of deltasteel it takes huge amounts of force to damage this armor, protects you from 40 DMG/LV.

Masaru's high doomlord cloak; This cloak shows his position as head of the whole order, it also displays his personal crest, completely fireproof and indestructable, protects you from edged attacks if it is in the way, does not prevent blunt force damage.


Modified bag of infinite holding (A satchel that has 8 pockets for masaru to put different kinds of things in): Pocket 1; 28pp, 108gp, 56sp, 216cp. Pocket 2; 4 loaves of travelling bread, 20 large chunks of smoked beef, 2 canteens. Pocket 3;. Pocket 4;. Pocket 5;. Pocket 6;. Pocket 7;. Pocket 8;.


Doomblast; a ball of pitch black fire that on contact burns until remove curse is cast on the wound (8DMG/round per LV), initial blast does 14 DMG/LV, 4mp.

Thousand sword strike; Masaru teleports and flies at the target and attacks from all angles, does massive damage, 80DMG/LV, 60mp.

Phase; Masaru teleports from one place to another that he chooses so long as he either knows the target destination or can see it, 18mp.

Fly; Allows masaru to fly at any altitude without getting tired, 2mp.

Charge weapon-Doom strike; Charges any weapon for one melee and when the charged weapon hits, it disintegrates most materials(Deltasteel and dragonhide are unaffected), 20mp.

In Vault:

9650 PP, 9572 GP, 4280 SP, 68k CP

38 size 9 Dms, 100 size 3 Ems, 26 size 4 Rbs, 50 size 7 Sphs, 12 size 2 Dms

21 years old
About Me

Zhirael, Race: Human, Class: Demon Slayer

Morality: Neutral-Good, Level: 1 HP: 56, MP: 78

STATS: (STR): 17, (AGL): 15, (INT): 21, (END): 11

           (LCK): 27, (PER): 13, (DEX): 18, (CHR): 37

           (WIS): 18

29 years old
About Me

hi my name is kyle. i am a funny kind guy to be around. i have 2 dogs named kyra and phantom. i have a brother named ryan  i live in edmontonmy real age is 13

Site Owner
About Me

Kanden Superior : Race; Wyrm Khael, Dragon-kind, Class; War general, Allignment; Good/lawful (but does anything to get the job done), Level; 1, HP; 150, MP; 200

Stats: (STR);64 / 1700 (AGL);38 / 1500 (INT);49 / 1600 (END);78 / 1600 (LCK);27/900 (PER);64 / 1300 (DEX);89 / 1440 (CHR);50 / 2000


Dragon-tongues(massive armblades x2) dmg;25 /lv +8 x2, heavyweight, unshatterable without magic

Muerte musket(10% miss chance that increases every time used) dmg;30 /lv +15, heavyweight, heats up if used too much

Dragon tooth(when used; deals 7 - 9 dmg per sec. depending on enemy endurance for 3 - 5 sec. depending on enemy luck) dmg;25 /lv +17(poison), lightweight

Last resort(executioner axe) dmg;42 /lv +29, too heavy to carry without being berserk


Leather bulletproof vest, +7 defense from ammunition damage

Copper chainmail, +5 defense, prevents serious damage to the torso

Lucky stone, prevents all poison, toxic, radiation, and hypnosis spells

Regeneration tooth, regenerates health slowly

Camo, applies camofloudge in grassy areas

Hermes boots, applies very fast agility

Arm attachment straps, allows weapons to be strapped onto arms

Ammo sack, supplies an abundance of ammunition including missiles

Leather cowboy hat, prevents painful sun rays from burning the skin, and intimidates weak bandits and looters


Money vest; 18 platinum, 34 gold, 21 diamond, 34 silver, 52 copper

Rations sack; 5 tomatoes, 5 apples, 7 tangerines, 10 strawberries, 3 turkey legs, 1 massive cow leg, ham, special sauces and peppers, 4 sugar cakes, 2 muffins

Emergency kit; a hunting rifle, fireworks, sleeping bag, aluminum flag, fishing trident


Contract; calls in a mercenary dragon rider to fight for 5 rounds,(6 MP)

Released spirit; blasts out phantoms from the earth to irritate the enemy,(6 MP)

Shockwave; creates a devestating shockwave that attacks all on the battlefield, including Kanden and anyone who is a teammate, dmg 15,(10 MP)

Acid spray; dmg 19,(10 MP)

New tech; gives Kanden infinite brain power for 6 seconds, allowing Kanden to figure out how to solve any type of problem,(5 MP)

Counterattack; allows Kanden to deflect any type of tracking or chasing spell,(5 MP)

Limitless; gives several seconds of super speed, strength, and mobility,(15 MP)

Steroid Berserking; gives unbelievable power and an urge to kill everything for 20 seconds,(30 MP)

Overclocked; provides invincibility for 20 seconds,(40 MP)

Mature; Kanden may choose to make anyone obey his orders. The hypnosis will last 24 hours, and a 72 hour recharge is made after,(45 MP)

Archery; calls in archers to fire arrows at large groups of enemies, dmg 20 per arrow,(25 MP)

Death from Above; calls in Wyrms to drop down bombs onto the enemy, dmg 80 for direct hit,(40 MP)

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