Game Art and Design (upload if you want) Game Art and Design (upload if you want) Grass 1 Typical grass. 187520457 Grass 2 Typical grass with darker dirt. 187520458 Grass 3 Typical grass. 187520459 Grass hill 1 For battle scenes and such. 187521413 Enchantment Runes 1 A list of basic enchantment runes based of Celtic runes and Japanese characters. 187559536 Gold Coin 1 Simple coin with easy-editable etching, what logo should go on coins? 187563113 Gold Coin 2 Made by Masaru. This is my Idea, considering our comic and game will be centred on Velaicia, why not make the coins velaician currency? Also, the "Teh" thing is from a game of minecraft I played with a friend. the value will, of course, vary. 187693238 Silver Coin 1 Made by Masaru. This would obviously be the mark down from gold. 187722818 Red Arura sword This was a project of mine, took slightly less than two classes worth of time. This is the style of weapons that I am likely to suggest. 188326463 Red Aura Sword Re-done. 188482762 Baragon WIP Made by Ryanoff. Small sketch of Baragon. 188501416 Inv Slots A quick render of the inventory slots and some possible button icons. 188876212 Choose Starting Class Quick sketch of a fraction of the character creation menu 188949239 Entrance quick color of a sketch I made randomly, using music to inspire what to draw. 189841648 Button1 Oh look, I made a button. 190190785 From Shadows This isn't actually from the the game, more like a fan re-animation i've been doing of a popular Youtube series that's been slightly delaying it. Can you guess what it's from? 192507966 Walk Animation Base Still working on the game 196828543