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I'm Back, But Need Help.

Posted by Ryanoff on March 19, 2012 at 11:20 PM

Jesus Christ where do i begin...well for starters I haven't gotten nothing accomplished animation wise because of school, but since its ending maybe now I won't have another book in my 40 pound backpack. I've also been through emotional stress within my personal life, but thats done and gone. Now to business, I need help writing the Bad Company Season 2 storyline, the season where Supereor an Masaru become the main characters. I'll send both of you my Skype via inbox on this site, and if you don't have it its like Tinychat but more organized and I don't need to keep opening my browser, and it'll be near Impossibru to contact me any other way. I'll also be keeping Season 1 away from you guys on purpose until Season 2 is written, but i'll send you the plot to guess the story itself. We need to get shit done, and i'm not sitting on my ass any longer.

Also, we should start playing AQWorlds together again, i miss those days...

*Edit - I'll be checking the website daily

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Reply Masaru Valyre
10:07 PM on May 8, 2012 
i'll post a screenshot of my char if that will help, i've changed since last you saw me...or, if not, keep the elf head...i think i prefer the elf to my human look.
Reply Masaru Valyre
10:10 PM on May 8, 2012 
btw...i made a special bloodgroove sprite (my sword) for pivot... that might cut down animation time...and drawing
Reply Ryanoff
8:20 PM on May 11, 2012 
well i haven't changed much, atleast i think, maybe abit less random. Anyways try to get skype or add me for quicker contact, as you can see i was kinda afew days late checking this XD and yeah i'd like to see the sprite but i'm not animating with pivot
Reply Ryanoff
8:22 PM on May 11, 2012 
and also do post a screenshot of facial features and design, i'll work on the armor and try to get that elvish styling
Reply Masaru Valyre
9:03 PM on May 11, 2012 
I might have other pics... no promises though, i may just have to use my new elven face.
Reply Ryanoff
11:49 PM on May 11, 2012