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Moving! +Skype

Posted by Ryanoff on May 20, 2012 at 8:20 PM

Well, since my apartment is filled with civilized, knowledgable people who know what they're doing, they've taken the privledge to give us a months notice that they are-

*EDIT- to be simple some cynical old fuckers who who don't have a fucknut of a clue what they're doing decided after eight years to kick me and anyone with the tiniest "felon" record the fuck out. So I won't be online between moving im guessing may 27 - june 8? give or take afew days to get organized, on the bright side i'll be able to afford normal things now like regular food, a drawing tablet, hell even a new computer. Things are looking up money wise now, maybe now my dad will quit his complaining about losing this or wether or not we'll survive the month with enough food to not die or enough bills paid to not get kicked on the streets. Sure our life is hell but panicing constantly isn't going to do shit. Also, Masaru and Supereor (when he starts getting ON) reply with your skype name so i can add yah as a contact.

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