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Masaru Valyre

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Du'kiel city in The Outlands!
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Masaru Valyre : Race; Vampire, Class; Doomlord, Morality; Chaotic-Evil, Level;1, HP;284, MP;380

Stats: (STR);46 (AGL);60 (INT);54 (END);76 

               (LCK);30 (PER);68 (DEX);76 (CHR);38



Cursed Bloodspiller; A single edged blade resembling the elven broad sabre, 26 DMG/LV, causes it's victims to bleed out at twice the regular rate and for twice as long, Indestructable.


Dragonhide under armor; allows for comfort in heavy plate armor, provides protection from heat, if worn alone it protects you from 16 DMG/LV.

Ancient Valdarien plate armor; Masaru's famed ornate deltasteel armor, being made of deltasteel it takes huge amounts of force to damage this armor, protects you from 40 DMG/LV.

Masaru's high doomlord cloak; This cloak shows his position as head of the whole order, it also displays his personal crest, completely fireproof and indestructable, protects you from edged attacks if it is in the way, does not prevent blunt force damage.


Modified bag of infinite holding (A satchel that has 8 pockets for masaru to put different kinds of things in): Pocket 1; 28pp, 108gp, 56sp, 216cp. Pocket 2; 4 loaves of travelling bread, 20 large chunks of smoked beef, 2 canteens. Pocket 3;. Pocket 4;. Pocket 5;. Pocket 6;. Pocket 7;. Pocket 8;.


Doomblast; a ball of pitch black fire that on contact burns until remove curse is cast on the wound (8DMG/round per LV), initial blast does 14 DMG/LV, 4mp.

Thousand sword strike; Masaru teleports and flies at the target and attacks from all angles, does massive damage, 80DMG/LV, 60mp.

Phase; Masaru teleports from one place to another that he chooses so long as he either knows the target destination or can see it, 18mp.

Fly; Allows masaru to fly at any altitude without getting tired, 2mp.

Charge weapon-Doom strike; Charges any weapon for one melee and when the charged weapon hits, it disintegrates most materials(Deltasteel and dragonhide are unaffected), 20mp.

In Vault:

9650 PP, 9572 GP, 4280 SP, 68k CP

38 size 9 Dms, 100 size 3 Ems, 26 size 4 Rbs, 50 size 7 Sphs, 12 size 2 Dms

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12:07 PM on January 15, 2014 
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3:09 PM on September 24, 2013 
Remember this band name: Siloam
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2:47 PM on October 27, 2011 
Lólindir Carnesîr is a translation of my name to elvish