Du'kiel, city in The Outlands!

Definately Outlandish!

Why I am the last Wyrm Khael

A long time ago, when Khaeldron was an ancient place, lived a whole bunch of special khaels that were born with a special bond with reptillians. We lived with them, kept them as pets, even mounted them! But one faithful day, a bad thing happened. Someone's komodo dragon slipped away and accidentally crawled into a hole which was a portal to the sand god's dimension. When the sand god (Satenzitenil) found out, this news infuriated him. He took the anger out on us wyrm khaels by whipping up a hurricane fusing the power of Kalestel's cloud and Hunterkel's frost. We called this hurricane, the Katrina. When it hit the city, everything tore apart. Military forces were overthrown, the river and oceans created mini tidal waves, and we had no shelter strong enough to withstand the threatening wind. In the end, the once great city of Khaeldron, was then the empty city of bones. In the Katrina, I safely managed to ride away on my wyrm (Learn about wyrms in their heritage box). I flew up to the overworld and saw a great land. So much wonderful stuff. I heard one person mention that this place was called "Canada". I then found out another female wyrm khael managed to fly out when I saw the great dragon shadow soaring above me. We decided to rebuild the ancient city Khaeldron. When the female khael hatched eggs, the baby khaels did not have the natural bond with reptillians. We were sad for this, yet we saw a ray of hope. These children khaels would coninue the khael life cycle, and we would continue our race. What rubbish.

The Tale of Ryan Off (From the script "Bad Company")

A small town, so small and far from the technologies of today that lived in perfect peace, can now be seen bright from afar, burning down. The sound of gunfire and wooden houses burning and collapsing is the final sight of the 7 year old Ryan's home as he is taken to secret base hidden from sight. He lives a life inside a wire fence square for 21 years being experimented on and trained to kill, leading the Glendale Massacre at the age of 15. At the age of 28 an escape was planned by him and the blonde, skinny, care free James Marth, a survivor of the exact same town Ryan lived in, a black giant by only the name Jeb,a girl, wounded from a sword halfway in the escape, nicknamed Karin and the broken soldier that Ryan replaced in the battlefield by the name of Diego. After escaping , they all met up at an abandoned apartment on the edge of the nearest city, Diego greeting them with his rare Custom Winchester Model 9422, shaking like a madman until seeing who it was. After 12 years of learning how to live normally and becoming a bounty hunter, Ryan finds his house in total destruction inside, everything destroyed and flipped besides his couch and small glass table. He finds a note daggered in the wall that reads "We propose a better way," showing that Mike E Ganymede, the white-coated leader of the terrorist group had raised him to kill. Trying to sit and think, Ryan quickly looks around before running, seeing that a bomb was under the untouched couch. After being launched out the door he staggers back into James Winnebago, the one that drove him home, retrieving an old claymore mine to leave at the door as a thank you gift for anyone who wants to check for his body. 4 years later, he lived in a log cabin he build deep in the woods far from civilization, having either James or Jeb bring him supplies every couple of months paying them with his saving money from bounty hunting. Today he is now missing to the world and his friends with no signs of where he went, his log cabin now collasped with an unnatural blackish charred dent in the center of what was his living room.

NOT MY FAULT! ~ Masaru


History of reptillians and worms

A long time ago, even longer than the wyrm khaels, there was a god named "Reptixiline" and he was the god of reptiles. Or he was after this history lesson. But anyways, he spent countless days trying to create his signature animal. None seemed to came out planned. First attempt he used such less size growth and the animal turned out to be this thin toothpick with slime goo and such. "Ugh, you worm!" so he decided to call them worms. He dropped them down on the surface. He tried again. Second attempt: He used too much flattening and out came out a small creature with legs dragging along the cloud of him. "Lizardigoo!" So he decided to call it a lizard. Third attempt: He got so mad that he used too much emotion elixir and out came a drake. It blew fire everywhere. God of reptiles disintegrated the drake. Final attempt: He put a mix of fire powder, wing threads, ferocity, and gentle giant milk. Out came the final creature: the wyrm. God of reptiles was happy and gentely sent wyrm down to earth. Wyrm layed his first egg and out from the egg came a khael. Wyrm also took care of the other creatures. Khael and the creatures became friends, and wyrm and khael grew a special bond together. This explains wyrm khael's special bond with reptillians (Read about that in the first box). Also rubbish.

History of Masaru Valyre, a Doomlord

Once, there was a boy, half elven and orphaned. He grew up just surviving thecity streets and the forest edge. One day he strayed too far into the woods and became lost. Searching for a way out, he delved too deep into the forest, not knowing that he was being watched... and guided. Masaru walked and walked, when he finally stopped he noticed the trees had grown darker and larger. Upon close inspection, the trees appeared to be splattered with blood. Somewhat frightened by this, Masaru started running, picking up a large and sturdy branch along the way. He was halted by an invisible force, and then his vision darkened. In the "dim" light, a figure walked up to him and spoke, asking for Masaru's devotion and apprenticeship. For the next thirty years, Masaru trained under the Doomlord named Baragon. He learned all about doom magic, a type of magic that burned, decayed and poisoned it's victims. He also developed a form of regeneration that allowed his to survive many injuries inflicted upon him by even his own master. Masaru could survive multitudes of fatal wounds such as; beheadings, bisectings, drownings, disintegrations, etc. By the end of his training, Masaru had developed a type of metal that he called Deltasteel, he made his armor and weapons out of it and enchanted it to his own desires. On the day of his ascention to the rank and title of full Doomlord, he was asked by his master to kill him in battle. The battle was tough and brutal, but in the end Masaru was victorious, he sent his master's body to the void and walked off, back to the world that shunned him before. Over the next decade, Masaru had started nine wars across the kingdom of Valdarien, all of which he personally fought in. These were the great wars of man in the early days. Almost three thousand years later he himself defeated  a sect of paladins called "The Doomslayers". It was headed by the recently abdicated holy king Xathor Nodruen, a man from Masaru's own past. The fight that ensued between these two was tremendous and awe-inspiring, for both wielded the now famous metal Deltasteel. In the end, Masaru slew Xathor and ended the once-great holy warrior of whom there were many a tale. To this day, Masaru has wreaked havok across all the kingdoms and he must be stopped. HEH. 

Squid chicken

 Squid chickens were orignated from the British Wizard Islands. Yea, i went there, I KNOW YOUR ALL WIZARDS. To hunt a squid chicken you must use a rusty fork tied to a stick covered in urine. When mermaids accidently let Ryanoff come to their house to eat squid, Ryanoff took one bite, threw it up across the room and it hit a clock. it was electrified by the clock and spun around the room like a damn tricycle, then flew across the room and hit The King over the head. and thus became the squid chicken. Ryanoff's only explanation for his actions are "i f**ked that sh*t up REAL GOOD", but he keeps changing his answers every time you ask. best not to ask. Bloody wankers!